Shanghai Baptist Thailand accumulates advanced technology and is the leader of the industry!

Baptist is committed to becoming a leader in the industry. The systems provided by members of baptai to the industrial manufacturing field include cleaning equipment suitable for various parts; environmentally friendly and low emission solvent cleaning machine and water-based cleaning machine. Benefit users, make our products maintain a high level of quality, and make us have the ability of continuous innovation.

Our requirements for products are to provide high-level cleanliness, meet environmental protection requirements, reduce investment and operation costs, short planning and implementation time, and the system is suitable for a wide range of products.

We are committed to providing perfect products.

Solvent cleaner: hydrocarbon cleaner, modified alcohol cleaner, halogenated hydrocarbon cleaner

Water based cleaning machine: after adding / reducing material cleaning machine before and after modification cleaning machine before and after coating cleaning machine

Cleanliness test: vda19 cleanliness sampling machine

Waste water treatment unit: vacuum evaporation equipment


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